Quote | On Kyoichiro (SLBP)

It’s funny to think that he drives me half insane most of the time, and yet he’s exactly the sort of person I want to be.

– MC (thoughts on Kyoichiro, his MS, SLBP)


Reblog | A Free Otome Gamer’s Opinion and Suggestions on the Love Choice System of Voltage Inc.

Worthwhile read from Fatiha Subah if you play Love 365/Voltage Inc. games. 👌

সুবাহ্'র লেখালেখি


(To get directly to the point, scroll down to “My opinion as a “FREE PLAYER” and the ultimate deceit of Voltage” and read from there)

Voltage Inc has brought a brand new way of playing otome games. This new system has merged together the already-existing two methods of playing them: pay to play games and freemium games. It has created a lot of buzz, but only negatively!! So many fans and players of their games are raging and wants it to be terminated immediately. What’s most ironic is that even though Voltage claims that they made this system for their free players, I have yet to see any free player commenting on it, let alone rejoicing for Voltage’s “thoughtfulness” for them. I don’t know if it’s because the pay-to-play players are acting so ferocious that they’re scared to say anything or what. At least, I was! But now, I…

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