Review | The SITS Ikemen: Kota Igarashi (Voltage)

The Story

The MC’s first assignment as Revance’s ghostwriter is the lyrics for the theme song of KOTA’s latest movie. As she and Kota spend time together reading the film’s script, the MC discovers that the pop star is also just a regular, even geeky guy who loves video games and idolizes a veteran actor himself.

A night of beer and Joe Watabe (an actor they both admire) breaks the ice between them, and they enjoy each other’s company until he slams the door closed on her (literally) again. The MC had decided on ‘broken heart’ as the theme for the song, but her inexperience with it (like Kota’s with falling in love) had shown in her first draft — which was roundly rejected by the band.

As someone who’s always struggled to keep up with the rest of the group (you’ll see this more clearly in his route), NAGITO jumps to the MC’s defense, and supports her when her efforts fall short … Even eating the food she’s prepared at Kota’s request when the latter suddenly disappears, just so it wouldn’t be for naught, and trying to be mindful of her feelings when a scandal involving Kota and his co-star Mayu Nanami breaks out.

Nagi’s support and Kota’s determination to excel in acting inspire her to do her best first before quitting. Eventually, she rises above her heartbreak over Kota and writes great lyrics from scratch overnight. When her song is finally revealed during the film’s last day of shooting, she realizes that writing lyrics is the same as writing a screenplay, and feels grateful for the chance Revance had given her.

My Thoughts

I didn’t expect to like LOVE Kota’s route as much as I did because he was really cold and harsh towards the MC in the preview first episode. In fact, I wasn’t planning on buying his route at all. I’m glad I did, though! (He’s now my #1 bias in SITS!)

It’s nearly impossible NOT to fall in love with him as the different layers of his seemingly schizophrenic personality are peeled away to reveal a passionate man who will do anything for the (few) people and things he does care about — like his acting, the MC, and Revance. In fact, the MC discovers that there is so much love behind Kota’s apparently cruel words and actions. I really liked the subtle but effective way Voltage turned the pages of his back story to reveal why he is the way he is.

Most of the #FEELS come from all the push-pull moments that you would expect from someone as ‘cat-like’ as Kota. As if his hot-cold personality wasn’t hard enough to deal with, the practice acting he and the MC keep doing for the sake of their individual objectives (his desire to improve his acting by learning about falling in love and her need to understand heartbreak in order to write lyrics about it) really messes messed her me up. Which is real, which is acting?

And man, there are some really heartbreaking moments in this route! Not just for the MC or Kota. You will also suffer from SLS (Second Lead Syndrome) as you feel for Nagi (and Mayu, to a much lesser extent).

The MC also deserves some sort of honorable mention here. I really like how, even though she starts daydreaming about Kota from the beginning (he is a pop star, after all, and she this creative-genius-in-the-making … maybe 😆), she doesn’t actually go all ‘Oh, my, I’m in love with him!’ right away. It even takes her a while to realize she likes (not even loves) him.

This route had me squealing and clutching my chest from beginning to end! I would definitely recommend that you give it a try, if you haven’t already!



Kota ad libs — or does he? Scandal in the Spotlight ©Voltage, Inc.

Check out these highlights!


Itazura na Kiss moment. Scandal in the Spotlight ©Voltage, Inc.

(Bullseye! Really. What are the chances… But I do love how the MC’s face is shown in the CGs for these newer apps. It’s less creepy, hee hee.)


The ‘beer snatching’ scene was soooo funny! (And provides ‘inspiration’ for Kota’s ‘jealousy’ scene the next day, LOL!) Scandal in the Spotlight ©Voltage Inc.


Kota’s Dramatic End Scandal in the Spotlight ©Voltage Inc.

OMG! The confrontation between the main characters in the Dramatic End! You will surely be struck by Second Male Lead Syndrome when you get to it. But you will also fall even harder for Kota as this finally elicits the strongest response ever from our outwardly cold and harsh method actor.

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