Review | Your ‘Butler Until Midnight’: Itsuki Matsuba (Voltage)

The MC ends up choosing Itsuki, the younger Matsuba brother, because he seemed to be the most easygoing of the bunch. She soon regrets this as she constantly finds herself at the wrong end of his snarky mouth and cruel pranks. In spite of this, the MC finds herself strangely drawn to him. (Surprise, surprise.) And hating him at the same time.

One second he’s nice and the next he acts like a total jerk!

(I’d be somewhat disposed to liking you, but you make it hard with that mouth of yours.)

~ the MC (on Itsuki)

As if starting a new job under a very demanding boss wasn’t bad enough, she also has to deal with her new, hidden life as a daughter of the very wealthy and prominent Ichijo clan (training by butlers included). Having two of those very attractive butlers (brothers at that) fighting over her doesn’t help — and neither does her liking both of them back!

Pink tulips symbolize ‘the beginning of love’ and ‘sincere love’.

The words ‘beginning of love’ make me think of Itsuki and somehow the words ‘sincere love’ make me picture Tomoki’s face.

… No way. No way!

~ the MC (looking up the symbolism of pink tulips)

Pink Tulips, Butler Until Midnight ©Voltage, Inc.

Meanwhile, Itsuki leads a double life, just like the MC. He keeps serving as a butler to honor his and Tomoki’s father’s legacy, but he is also an incredibly talented fashion designer whose creations the MC herself adores. Unfortunately for the MC, she ends up working for Itsuki (the designer) as part of her job in First Lady and suffering under his ‘tutelage’.

It’s not what you think…, Butler Until Midnight ©Voltage, Inc.

What I think…

At the beginning, I almost regretted buying Itsuki’s main story because it really looked like he was going to be such a hateable character; I don’t like nasty leading men. However, to Voltage’s credit, the story was quick enough to tell us WHY he was such a ‘jerk’.

Itsuki’s Dilemma, Butler Until Midnight ©Voltage, Inc.

He was in a lot of pain over the impossibility of deciding between his passion and his family, and this is when I start falling for him myself 😂. The MC’s respect and support for his work as a designer slowly helps him make a decision; it changes him and teaches him to love.

As for Tomoki… I’m a terrible, terrible SUCKER for love triangles and Itsuki turns out to be such a darling, but I still really hated watching the MC friendzone sweet and sincere Tomoki (doubly painful because I played his route first) and go for the ‘jerk’ who made her heart go ba-dum ba-dum. Talk about SML Syndrome!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 ‘Thank You’ always leads to the Friend Zone, Butler Until Midnight ©Voltage, Inc.

And this is why I am so impressed by Itsuki’s route. I went into it totally biased against him — he was this gorgeously blond and capricious (though talented) jerk, I had already fallen in love with his older brother long before I started his route, and I am (possibly genetically) predisposed to SML Syndrome.

… I love you. But I can’t put a smile on your face.

~ Tomoki

BUT. He still managed to sweep me off my feet when he finally grew up and became a man who knew what he wanted and fought for it. I had absolutely no doubt then that he had every right to get the girl, no matter how sweet or sincere his brother was till the very end.

 Stealing Her Heart, Butler Until Midnight ©Voltage, Inc.

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