Mini-review | DS: ‘Dangerously Hot Holiday’ Voiced Stories (Voltage)

I decided to hold off on playing Hino’s MS till I could get my review of Arimura’s out of the way. But. I couldn’t get enough of these bad boys, so I caved and bought the first part (of three) of each released character’s voiced story.

Here’s my FEELS Rating for each story (as induced by voice alone):

#3. Voiced by Yuki Ono. (Smooth.)

#2. Voiced by Taishi Murata. (Sweet!)

#1. Voiced by Natsuki Hanae. (Most expressive.)

It’s the FIRST time I’ve bought a voiced story in any otoge. I don’t even know if others have these voiced stories. (Congrats, Voltage, you really know how to get us worked up enough to spend more and more and more….) These special stories are priced like Voltage’s other special/sub-stories, which I felt was fair enough; they’re rather short, but they’re VOICED (not just illustrated and coded for play).

The stories were cute and made the guys even more endearing than I already think they are, thanks in no small part to the seiyuu! However, I was really bothered by the bad mixing; it was difficult to hear the VAs over the background music — which kind of defeated the whole purpose of the voiced story 😭 (Plus Point: Hino’s story had the most variety of BG music/sound effects, some of which reminded me of the Ikemen Desu Ne OST 😘)

Still, I do think it’s a GOOD BUY, especially if you’re the type to feel all fluttery watching/listening to Japanese drama or anime l’originale-style (as Miles Jai noted in ‘Sexy Anime Boyz’ 😂).

Have you bought any of Voltage’s voiced stories? Feel like trying the ones in Dangerous Seduction?

As for me, I’m definitely buying the Evening and Late Night segments of these guys’ voiced stories!

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