News | ‘Love, Lies, and a Heist’ (Cybird)

Cybird’s paid romance VN Love, Lies, and a Heist (in English) is finally out! Teasers for the VN and the main characters have appeared in social media over the past week.

Love, Lies, and a Heist top page (Cybird)

LLAAH is available via Cybird’s new Otome Romance Novels app, which initially came out with the paid version of their hit free-to-play title, Destined to Love, at the end of January.

First Impressions

Otome Romance Novels

I’m so glad Cybird came out with a paid app so I can opt to buy complete stories; not so happy that they cost more than Voltage’s. Also, it seems that the plan is to have ONE app to house their collection of paid VNs (as opposed to individual apps for each title). I’m worried that this could mean a byte-heavy and/or buggy app. It already takes a good while to update and load the ‘mother app’ with only two titles so far, and I’ve had to uninstall/reinstall the app just for my paid story to load as purchased.


The story is set in Laurelia, another kingdom in the MidCin (Midnight Cinderella) universe. The setting is more clearly defined than in MidCin as being the 1920s, and since I love this time period, I’m really looking forward to seeing how they depict this in the VN.

Personally, I like MidCin’s artwork more than LLAAH’s (which is closer to DtL’s), but maybe it’ll grow on me.

Download Cybird’s Otome Romance Novels app on Google Play NOW!

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