Review | ‘Diary of a Stepsister’: Masaya Saionji (Voltage)

I’ve generally viewed step-sibling romances askance, alongside teacher-student ones. (✋ Before the activist in you shoots me where I’m sitting typing this…. 👉) Granted, this is an awful, biased attitude of which I try to be more mindful. Still, it’s hard to avoid it when such hookups aren’t the norm.

MASAYA’s main story in Voltage‘s Diary of a Stepsister is one of those lovely, unexpected specimens that manages to disabuse you of your biases — in this case, the notion that this kind of romance is pervy by nature. In fact, I am so fracking giddy and pumped up over playing the route that I have now been compelled to write a full blog post about it — after being on hiatus for more than a year!

The Premise

MC gains an entire household of stepbrothers (and convenient romance options) after her long-widowed mom remarries — and into a fabulously wealthy family, at that.

(Some) sweet dreams are made of these, ‘Diary of a Stepsister’ ©Voltage, Inc.

The Story

Masaya is the popular and sporty fourth Saionji brother, and twin to the cold and highly accomplished third brother, MASAKI. MC is the same age they are, and ends up attending their family-owned school with them. (LOL.)

True to formula, being seen with the ‘Saionji Princes’ brings grief to regular-chick MC, in all the J/Kdrama ways possible. Masaya to the rescue, with both fists —

Her knight in school uniform saves her from a bunch of idiot schoolmates, yakuza-style, ‘Diary of a Stepsister’, ©Voltage, Inc.

And charming personality, winning the other students over to MC — and all with MC being none the wiser.

Things are going swimmingly, until the twins’ all-around rival appears to make a play for MC as well. And, you know it, this pushes the two leads to confront their feelings and find their happy ending.

Dare to tell the truth, ‘Diary of a Stepsister’, ©Voltage, Inc.

Why I Like It

Masaya is totally likable, in spite of his temper.

He’s hot, but a complete gentleman. Is pure and has zero ulterior motives. ‘Diary of a Stepsister’, ©Voltage, Inc.

Teases MC, but not offensively so.

Rating MC’s look, ‘Diary of a Stepsister’, ©Voltage, Inc.

And is 💯 dependable.

MC is equally embraceable.

None of the over-the-top squeamishness over marrying into mind-boggling wealth or dealing with first-time feelings. Nor was she annoying in asserting herself when dealing with mean schoolmates or a creepy suitor.

All the supporting characters are refreshingly agreeable.

The entire, newly-merged household are normal people, without any melodramatic hang-ups, eccentricities, or whatnot. Heck, even Rival Boy and Rival Girl are sympathetically portrayed.

MC and Masaya’s relationship also develops sooo naturally…

As they work together in the soccer club. By the time they wake up to their romantic regard for each other, it already makes perfect sense because they know and complement one another so well.

My Verdict

Overall, I found this route even better written than some of the ‘adult’ ones.

‘Diary of a Stepsister’ is available on Voltage’s Love 365 app.

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