First Impressions | ‘Sengoku Darling’ (NTT Solmare)

In a nutshell

MC is the only child of a minor daimyo who, as he lies bedridden from illness, asks MC to secure their clan’s and their domain’s future by marrying one of the more powerful warlords in Sengoku-era Japan.

Your ‘Sengoku Darlings’










First Impressions

I had such high expectations for this app because of the GooglePlay description and the promotional video, but after playing the Prologue and Sasuke’s main story, I honestly am not fully convinced that I want to pay $4-5 for another route. [The EN version I played was released in 2017.]

For one thing, the Prologue was 90% filler (repetitive dialogue or unimportant information); it was so boringly written, I almost didn’t reach the end of it. Granted, the premise was far more plausible (IMHO) than Voltage‘s Sakura Amidst Chaos/Samurai Love Ballad: PARTY. Here, MC is a noblewoman and it was par for the course that she should cross paths with the romanceable options, making a hook-up more likely because of similar backgrounds. (As for Sasuke’s route, the only one I’ve played so far, it was only so-so in terms of storytelling. More on this when I finally write my review of his route.)

Still, there were lots of other things I did enjoy about the game, primarily the default features Voltage only offers in a limited capacity — animated sprites for all the released characters and a matchmaking function (both only currently available in Sweet Café and/or their VR/AR apps, and only for certain characters), as well as a movie after finishing just ONE end (you can only get a Voltage movie by finishing both Ends or buying the End Set).

I also appreciated the well-proportioned sprites. Voltage’s SAC/SLBP sometimes draws sprites with small heads — relative to their body and especially their feet — which kinda weirds me out.

Each main story is also only ten chapters long, which is relatively short compared to Voltage’s (which typically has more chapters or longer ones). Still, each chapter does end with a bonus mini-story and as with other Solmare titles, each route offers THREE possible ends (versus Voltage’s two).

AAAAAND. Most importantly, Solmare was SUPER GENEROUS in its app launch campaign, offering dozens of images for download. (Voltage is a bit stingy when it comes to this, even for campaigns. However, it has started giving away bonus voice clips in SLBP’s Song of Shadow/Moon chapter, ones that are automatically saved on your device for FREE — unlike Cybird‘s Ikemen Sengoku, another competitor.)

At the end of the day, I can understand why Solmare (whose games kinda cost more than Voltage’s to begin with) would charge about $1 more than Voltage per route; CGs (especially animated ones) cost a lot more to execute. Still, there’s no denying that the storytelling and translation in THIS particular game lags behind Voltage’s, and I’m not quite sure if I’m willing to pay an extra dollar for mere bells and whistles.

Want to see if Sengoku Darling is worth the $$$? Check it out for yourself!

‘Sakura Amidst Chaos’ and ‘Sweet Café’ are both available on Voltage’s Love 365 app.

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