First Impressions | ‘False Vows, True Love’ (Favary)

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Start Page, ‘False Vows, True Love’ ©Favary Inc.

The Premise

It is the Taisho Era in Japan, and you’re a poor woman living with your sickly mother in the city. You save the life of Kotoko, a rich young woman who looks remarkably like you, and develop a friendship with her.

One day, Kotoko implores you to take her place as heiress of the Izumi family, pointing out that it would be a win-win situation for both of you. Just the thought of being able to improve the plight of your poor mother is enough to convince you, and you soon head off to begin living at the Izumi estate in your friend’s place.

To your shock, you are immediately greeted there by not one, but THREE, marriage candidates.

Your Would-be Fiancés

Akihiko Tachibana

False Vows_2018-10-18-18-01-03.png

©Favary Inc.

Tamaki Tojo

©Favary Inc.

Toranosuke Aisaka

©Favary Inc.

NPCs Who Should Be Playable (IMHO)

Chihiro Kuronuma (The Butler)

©Favary Inc.

Itaru Higuchi (The Childhood Friend)

©Favary Inc.

First Impressions

The Good

Unlike some localized games from non-English speaking countries, the degree of English errors in FVTL is minimal and does not detract from the player experience. (The game is also available in German and French.)

It also has great art and music. (I love art deco and that period in world history, so it was really lovely to be able to play a game with those aesthetics.) It really is a pity that this game and its dev haven’t been receiving as much love as Voltage, Cybird, Solmare, OKKO, or Arithmetic, and their titles.

Scenario Albums (of played chapters) and Image Albums (from Happy Route choices) make it easy to go over favorite scenes in the story.

By far, however, the ability to earn gems through watching ads is the biggest plus for me. Personally, I hate games advertising themselves as free to play (F2P) when you need to spend actual money in order to advance significantly (read: missions). Since these games need money to stay alive, I absolutely don’t mind watching a few quick ads if I want additional gems on top of the daily allotment, and even that is a choice here.

The Bad

Unfortunately, I found there to be too many unnecessary/intrusive permissions (location, contacts, phone) requested by the game. I am seeing this becoming standard for ALL games, however; I just wish Favary explained why each was necessary (the way Day7 does when you download their games).

Also, I found myself missing that Back, Return To Home, and/or Rewind button present in other apps. I like taking screenshots of notable moments and dialogue in the stories, or going back to play from a previous section or chapter without having to go to the Scenario Album. Here, though, I had to exit the game completely to do so. Every. Time.

Being able to exit the app using my phone’s Back key would’ve made things a little less bothersome, as well. Especially since I was also forced to restart the section (and quit the game) every time I accidentally pressed or swiped my finger over the screen and triggered a fast forward mode.

I didn’t really appreciate the random ad in between chapters, either, although I do realize the need — with this being a completely F2P game and players not necessarily using the ‘watch ads’ option to get more gems.

Final Thoughts

According to TwoHappyCats, who reviewed FVTL in June, the game was initially launched in 2016, but re-released this year with improvements. I actually started playing the game the first time it came out, but wasn’t able to finish it. I found it too buggy and (if memory serves me right) a pain to play because of the waiting time for gems. Now, though, it seems to be running quite smoothly, and the ability to earn a few more gems by watching videos is a really cool thing (especially for people who don’t have money to spare for games).

I just finished playing Akihiko’s route and would recommend the game on his alone. I found the story refreshing (versus usual otoge fare) and engaging, and the characters believable and sympathetic. [Review of Akihiko’s route COMING SOON.]

Can you survive ‘a night full of lies’ (and then some) to find true love? See where destiny takes you in Favary’s False Vows, True Love.

About the Dev

False Vows_2018-10-22-23-11-03.png

Favary Inc. is a Tokyo-based creator, developer, and re-publisher of otome games.

You can get more information about them and their titles on:

The Web • Favary Inc.
Twitter • @favaryotomegame
IG • otomegames_by_favary
Facebook • FavaryOtomeGames

7 thoughts on “First Impressions | ‘False Vows, True Love’ (Favary)

  1. Oh my gosh I want a Butler route so bad, if Akihiko wasn’t so charming I’d have spent way too long day dreaming about running off with the Butler. Looking forward to reading your thoughts on Akihiko’s route ☺️!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Riiiiigghhhht??! On both counts!

      I was really intrigued by Chihiro’s character. If more people show interest, maybe they’ll make a route or even just a side story for him. *fingers crossed*

      I’m halfway through my review of Akihiko’s route. I think he is absolutely charming and earnest. 💗

      Liked by 1 person

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