OKKO Goodies

Look at what came in the mail today!!!

Last October, OKKO raffled off booklets featuring Prince Berg CGs on Twitter. I was one of the three lucky retweeters to win one of these illustration books, as well as 60 Honey Stones! (And my package came with a surprise extra! L-side 💕)

Prince Berg (RMK) Illustration Book and ‘Sweet Scandal Returns’ Postcard, courtesy of OKKO’s recent RT campaign

Five other fans also won 60 Honey Stones for themselves for their RTs.

Lovely message from (no, not Prince Berg!) OKKO — in English AND French — on the inside of the cover page

Had been having a trying week, but this sure put a big smile on my face! Thanks for the lovely gesture, OKKO!!! *bisous*

Want to stay updated on OKKO’s English releases and campaigns? Check out their social media:

Web • OKKO Sweet Romance, Honey Magazine
Twitter • OKKO Sweet Romance, Honey Magazine EN
Tumblr • OKKO Otome Games | Honey Magazine
IG • OKKO Sweet Romance
Facebook • Otome OKKO Sweet Romance English, Honey Magazine


I was gripped by such fluttery feelings that I didn’t look at the back of the postcard till now! 😅

And, yes, OKKO Team, I 💟 it!

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