First Impressions | ‘Wanted: Son-in-law!’ (OKKO)

The Premise

You’re an ordinary working girl when your less-than-optimistic wish for a boyfriend is answered by your estranged gramps via his almost-magical butler.

Twenty-four hours is all it takes between Genie Butler bringing you to your ultra-rich grandfather in a limo, and said relative asking you to choose your fiancé in front of a ballroom of strangers.

The Candidates

Taiga Takajo

Company president and heir to the Takajo Group, he displays a thoughtfulness that belies his forceful and blunt manner.

Taiga Takajo, 'Wanted: Son-in-law!' ©OKKO

Iori Nijo

The president of Nijo Industries appears to have a shared past with you. The heir to the Nijo Group is just like your prince in shining armor, always looking out for you.

Iori Nijo, 'Wanted: Son-in-law!' ©OKKO

Eiji Kyogoku

A tech mogul whose crass demeanor towards you is at odds with his rather superior attitude.

Eiji Kyogoku, 'Wanted: Son-in-law!' ©OKKO

Rei Mido

Descended from a noble house, he seems focused on his marriage obligations.

Rei Mido, 'Wanted: Son-in-law!' ©OKKO

Tsukasa Ijuin

Genie Butler is not listed in the Son-in-law Shortlist, but is featured prominently in the game’s top page, so he might end up stealing your heart, anyway.

Tsukasa Ijuin, 'Wanted: Son-in-law!' ©OKKO

Currently NPCs, but I’m Hopeful

Yuuto Sanada

Your sweet and handsome friend from uni who is now also your colleague in the editorial team.

Yuuto Sanada, 'Wanted: Son-in-law!' ©OKKO

Kiyoto Domon

Your former college professor who’s now a contributor to your publication.

Kiyoto Domon, 'Wanted: Son-in-law!' ©OKKO

First Impressions

The Good

I LOVE THE ART. I’m particularly fond of OKKO‘s BGs, which look like a cool mix of very realistic CGs and more traditional hand-drawn images. (I’m not at all versed in art, so kindly pardon the awkward description. I welcome anyone who can help me with the terminology! 😅)

The guys are also handsome as hell — well-proportioned and very nicely drawn.

Ritsu Tachibana, is that you? The uncanny similarity between Mido (LEFT) and Tachibana (OL2, RIGHT). ©OKKO

I also commend OKKO for having done fairly good translation work on the game so far. The dialogue sounded fresh and updated, as well.

The Bad

I just can’t buy into the premise. We all know that these otoge are wish fulfillment devices, but with the quality of interactive romance games/VNs improving all around, I had expected this to be more sophisticated and make it easier for me to suspend my disbelief. Even among the older otoge titles, the way all the different pieces of this story were hurriedly strung together in the prologue made the formula it was using too glaringly obvious (and so crudely satisfied, at that), it made me cringe.

Final Thoughts

The prologue has made it difficult for me to get fully on board with this game, but the guys are all interesting enough in themselves (and, no, I’m not talking about their looks, believe it or not — tho’ that doesn’t hurt!) that I’m willing to give it a go when the first route (Taiga’s) is released. (I can say, though, that I’m really NOT looking forward to Eiji’s — he makes me want to throat punch someone for the first time in my life. 😅)

Want to read the Prologue for yourself? Download Honey Magazine now.

About the Dev

©OKKO logo

OKKO is a top otome game/visual novel provider from Japan.

For more information about their apps, check them out on:

The Web • OKKO Sweet Romance, Honey Magazine
Twitter • @okko_eng, @PlayHoneyMagEN
Tumblr • okkosweetromance
IG • okko.sweet.romance
Facebook • okkosweetromance.eng, Playhoneymagazine

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