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SLBP Masamune Act 2 Release Campaign

Failed to get the Dragon Sprite Kimono CP prize 💔

So I’ll have to settle for getting the makeup and (hopefully!) the hair.

I wonder what The Love of Date Masamune is, though?

IMHO – Episode 01-07

It’s been a pain to deal with Yoshihime’s general awful-ness all over again, as well as the tiresome emo feel (it seems) of all SLBP Masa stories. The introduction of new characters and relationships (including a new, possibly unlikely antagonist) does give this a breath of fresh air, however. (The jury’s still out on whether I will finally end up liking this version of Voltage’s Masa over the SAC one.)

TBH the only reason I managed to get any CP prize at all was the (then) concurrent Plenilunar Pageant BE. I wanted to get the new castle avatar so badly, and with such double motivation, how could I not work (and spend) a little?

Still, it just might be the MC I’m annoyed with here — as elsewhere. Especially since the stories are told from her POV.


(I know I might be a little naive, and I’m probably taking this too far….)

Me: Yes. Yes, you are.

Still, what does it matter? The guy always loves her exactly for being that way, anyway. (OK, rant over. I hope! 🤣)

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