Moans | ‘Virtues of Devotion’ (Accela) Pulled From App Store

Tried to open Virtues of Devotion today after a good long while, and it wouldn’t load. I went to the app store to see if there were any updates to the game, only to find out that it had been completely taken off the listings!

According to Accela‘s Facebook page, it had announced the discontinuation in November of last year, and implemented it by December. Note that the game had only been launched in March of THE SAME YEAR, and the last route released (Kei Sakaki’s 3rd story) was put out in August — just THREE MONTHS before the termination was announced!

It’s a pity, really. Accela is one of the few devs I know that don’t follow the formula. Case in point, the MC of Virtues was a single mom! I can’t even imagine any of the big otome companies doing the same. (And that there is the real TRAGEDY.)

Another Accela game that I had FOREVER been looking forward to being continued was Illegal Romance, but it turned out that they had issues with the game as well and had to pull it off the servers.

Accela says it is working hard to sort things out with its partners in order to bring these games back. Here’s to hoping it succeeds! 🥂

About the Dev

logo - accela

Accela is a Japanese otome game company.

For more information about their apps, check them out on:

The Web • Accela, Inc.
Facebook • Accela – Otome Game

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