Moans | ‘Love 365’ (Voltage)

Love Choice

Seems like Voltage are really pushing LC. They now have three titles available in said format, and I’m guessing it’s in preparation for the arrival of ‘Masquerade Kiss’ next month.

They also give you hearts for your first love choice.

This is from Shunichiro Tachibana’s (‘Irresistible Mistakes’) A Scoundrel’s Allure LC story. After picking the LC, I can tell you that there isn’t anything truly ‘scintillating’ or ‘exciting’ about the outcome. Had I bought those hearts, my wallet and I would’ve regretted it.

Free Titles

A lot of people have also been complaining about the recycling of free stories.

Some players have pointed out that not only are these repeat offerings, they are also gonna stay on for a whole month — much longer than the week or two weeks duration for previous free titles.

It does render the come-on kinda redundant. Voltage has tons of stories it can offer for free without losing sales on a two-week turnover, all while generating or renewing interest in the different series.

I don’t understand this lack of choice, nor the push for LC stories that don’t really differ from the pay-to-read ones, apart from the onerous system.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this. Drop your comments below 👇

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