From Behind the Screen

It’s been a while since I last posted anything here. I’ve been preoccupied with several side projects, but I’m hoping to at least share some things from the games I’m still playing and the dramas I’m still able to watch once again.

I miss fangirling with everyone. I hope all of you are doing well, and I look forward to catching up. 🌸

2 thoughts on “From Behind the Screen

    1. Hi! Between COVID affecting mobility and finances, and being directly impacted by a natural disaster, on top of domestic and personal struggles, it’s been extra tough this year to keep up with the blog. I really do hope to get back to it, and more consistently, next year. I really miss playing my otoge and watching my dramas, and writing about them. 💔😭😭

      I hope all is well on your end?


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