Now Playing | ‘Nocturne of Nightmares’ (Genius)

Started playing this today.

Art is awesome (the characters ‘breathe’, too!) 👌. Guys are pretty handsome. Premise is interesting. Tropes were a bit annoying. (Someone really has to rethink how to introduce the characters/romanceable options other than an awkward round robin.) Pace is kinda dragging, especially for something that’s supposed to be suspenseful or thrilling. (Maybe a ploy to make you spend more by putting out as little of the story as possible at a time?)

RAY, bossy but kind alpha in ‘Nocturne of Nightmares’ © Genius Inc.

Current bias is RAY. Followed by Subaru, then Licht. Thoma is kinda meh, but I’m suspecting there’s more to him than meets the eye (hopefully).

There’s a mini game and ‘watch ads’ option to earn points that you can exchange for GEMS (which you need for the better of only two choices) and TICKETS (that limit how much of the story you can read). For a ‘cough up gems for the premium choice’ game, still can’t decide if it’s worth the RL money.

Stay tuned.

Check out Genius Inc.’s ‘Nocturne of Nightmares’ on Android HERE.