Now Watching | ‘The Witcher’ S1 E1 (Netflix, 2019)

I fully expect to be crucified for this, but….

Despite the hype and consistently good reviews, I didn’t exactly get started on this show with high/unreasonable expectations. Granted, I haven’t read any of the books or stories, nor played the game, but this also meant that I was coming into it with a pretty clean slate, the only thing I wanted being a good, well-told story. (And maybe Henry Cavill being able to rid himself of the baggage of Superman and JL.)

But not even lots of blood and sliced-off body parts (that made me shriek and my toes curl — literally), the beautiful fight choreography, nor the badassery of a warrior queen granny could pull me into the story. The raunchy, but (what I can only assume to be) humorous and unorthodox, exchange between Eist and Cirilla also fell flat with me. And the token nekkid ladies à la GOT may be part of the original story (I dunno), but their appearance onscreen felt like an awkward insertion, rather than something that was maybe supposed to help create a certain otherworldly-though-gross vibe (?) around Stregobor. All in all, I couldn’t make myself sympathize with any of the characters or their stories, nor be sufficiently gripped by any sort of would-be tension in the plot.

I dunno… I really wanted to like this. I’ll see if Episode 2 changes my mind.

Photo: Netflix, Inc. All Rights reserved.

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