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Now Playing | ‘Nocturne of Nightmares’ (Genius)

For a ‘cough up gems for the premium choice’ game, still can’t decide if it’s worth the RL money.

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First Impressions | ‘Wanted: Son-in-law!’ (OKKO)

You’re an ordinary working girl when your less-than-optimistic wishing for a boyfriend is answered by your estranged gramps via his almost-magical butler.

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Musings | My Favorite ‘Decoding Desire’ Avatars – Remembering the standalone app

OKKO will pull the plug on Decoding Desire come the 17th, as they steadily roll out the game’s chapters in their library app, Honey Magazine.

Many fans welcomed the chance to find all the OKKO titles in one app (especially since these include previously discontinued ones), but were saddened to say goodbye to their hard-won (and paid) avatars and stories from DD. [OKKO’s new library app is incompatible with pre-integration games made with Arithmetic‘s platform.]

Here are some of my favorite looks from the standalone game (granted, these are really old avatars, since I haven’t played it in a while):











Which avatars and stories from the original Wonder Lab will you miss the most?

Your favorite OKKO stories are on their way to Honey Magazine. Maybe they already are!