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First Impressions | ‘Hanayome – The Sacrificial Bride’ (Abracadabra)

Abracadabra’s Hanayome is finally OUT!
You’re a reporter sent to the mysterious island of the God of Love, but there are SIX men waiting at the dock for you?

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First Impressions | ‘Wanted: Son-in-law!’ (OKKO)

You’re an ordinary working girl when your less-than-optimistic wishing for a boyfriend is answered by your estranged gramps via his almost-magical butler.

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First Impressions | ‘Sengoku Darling’ (NTT Solmare)

I had such high expectations for this app because of the GooglePlay description and the promotional video, but after playing the Prologue and Sasuke’s main story, I honestly am not fully convinced that I want to pay $4-5 for another route.

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First Impressions | ‘Bad Boys Do It Better’ (Voltage)

The MC is thrown into the midst of a pack of wolves (or, in this case, high school boys — which is practically the same thing) when her parents enroll her in Shinran High — an all-boys school that has recently opened its doors to girls. Unfortunately (or, fortunately — depending on whom you ask — especially if it’s the MC’s mom), she happens to be the ONLY girl to take the offer!

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