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First Impressions | ‘Sengoku Darling’ (NTT Solmare)

I had such high expectations for this app because of the GooglePlay description and the promotional video, but after playing the Prologue and Sasuke’s main story, I honestly am not fully convinced that I want to pay $4-5 for another route.

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Review | The Samurai of SAC: Naoe Kanetsugu – Budding Hearts (Voltage)

As with Ieyasu’s route, I was greatly and pleasantly surprised to have enjoyed this route so much. I did not like both characters initially, but they turned out to be way better than others I had (initially) looked forward to.

Kanetsugu is the quiet, dependable type. Careful and timid, but fierce and committed when it comes to the people and things he cares about. This cannot be seen any more clearly than in one of the final scenes, when he comes to the MC’s (and others’) rescue. It was such a dramatic, moving, and heartfelt scene that, for me, was made all the more poignant and believable because it involved such a ‘guy next door’. (It’s so easy to imagine that Kanetsugu is actually someone you know in real life!)

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