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Review | The SITS Ikemen: Kyohei Rikudoh (Voltage)

At first, handsome and charismatic Revance frontman Kyohei appears to live up to his sexy image, teasing you to your maiden wits’ end. As you shadow the band in your new role, however, you come to know a man of contradiction whom your heart cannot escape.

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Review | The SITS Ikemen: Kota Igarashi (Voltage)

It’s nearly impossible NOT to fall in love with him as the different layers of his seemingly schizophrenic personality are peeled away to reveal a passionate man who will do anything for the (few) people and things he does care about — like his acting, the MC, and Revance. I really liked the subtle but effective way Voltage turned the pages of his back story to reveal why he is the way he is.

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